Journée conférence – 17 mars 2023

It’s All About the Flow…The Digital Workflow

Have you ever thought that doing in-house aligners (IHA) is too much of a hassle or too expensive upfront to justify taking the leap? If you have, think again! Current technology provides today’s orthodontist everything they need to get started at historically low costs and manage their own IHA production facility with their own brand that represents and builds their own reputation instead of an outside lab’s brand. Modern software allows us to maintain quality, while considerably reducing the expense of outsourcing lab work and delaying treatment starts or refinements.

This presentation will introduce the major steps of the Digital Workflow utilizing In-House Aligner Fabrication as the example. Various cost examples and pros/cons of different systems will be presented to answer the question “is it worth going all in”. We will also cover the basics of setting up a digital lab as well as 3D printing. Multiple clinical examples will be used to demonstrate which clinical cases are most appropriate for in-house aligners. While many see the future of orthodontics as doomed by market disruption, it is actually an exciting time to reinvent ourselves and create even better experiences and outcomes for our patients. Welcome to the future of Orthodontics! It’s bright, and more importantly, we are in control of it!

Détails à retenir

  • Heure : 8 h à 17 h
  • Lieu : Hôtel Bonaventure de Montréal
  • Adresse : 900 rue de La Gauchetière O, Montréal, QC H5A 1E4

Objectifs d’apprentissage

  • You appreciate the factors critical to implementing a digital workflow.
  • You will understand how to set up a digital lab.
  • You will be able to evaluate important features of tooth movement software.
  • You will appreciate what cases are most appropriate for in-house aligners.
  • You will be able to understand the essentials of becoming your own aligner manufacturer. 

Jason B. Cope, DDS, PhD, FACD

Jason B. Cope received his DDS, Orthodontic Certificate, and PhD from Baylor College of Dentistry. He has published 32 journal articles, 36 book chapters, and two orthodontic textbooks. In addition, he has given over 320 presentations around the world. Dr. Cope’s private practice is located in Dallas, Texas, where he treats patients 3 days a week. Dr. Cope was a pioneer in the development of Temporary Anchorage Devices (TADs). In 2003, he partnered with IMTEC Corp to develop the Ortho Implant, the first US manufactured orthodontic MiniScrew Implant (MSI). He coined the term Temporary Anchorage Devices and the nomenclature system used to describe the various TAD systems. He also developed the Cope Placement ProtocolTM, the first minimally invasive protocol utilizing drill-free MSI placement with topical anesthetic only. Other MSI protocols and products he developed include the biomechanically-oriented palatal approach to openbite closure, a patented openbite-closing transplatal arch, biomechanically-oriented molar protraction, the temporary replacement of missing lateral incisors in adolescents, a patented locking closed coil spring, as well as Class II and Class III distalization protocols.

Most recently, Dr. Cope’s activities have been focused on the integration of digital 3D data into orthodontic workflows. A specific focus is merging the intraoral scan with CBCT data to create a functional working model for digital treatment planning and tooth movement in preparation for customized in-office aligner delivery and digitally guided bonding (DGBTM) with the fabrication of directly printed bonding, thereby avoiding the traditional laboratory process. He is also working on a new TAD system.

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