Issues among adults

Most adult patients consult us for two reasons: aesthetics and retreatment.


1 – Aesthetics

They want a more beautiful smile and didn’t have the opportunity to receive treatment when they were adolescents.

In the first situation, patients often have crooked teeth and find it difficult to clean their teeth properly. As a result, they may have gum problems due to crowded teeth. Orthodontic treatment will help align the teeth, as well as treating the gums (straight teeth – healthy gums). Some patients with missing teeth (missing or extracted) will benefit from orthodontic treatment to reposition the teeth present to allow for the fabrication of an implant or bridges.

2 – Retreatment

They’ve already had orthodontic treatment, but their teeth have shifted.

In the second situation, patients present with a slight crowding of the front teeth, and want them to become perfectly straight again. This condition is fairly simple to correct. In other cases, significant changes have occurred over time since their initial treatment. The treatment indicated is more complex and time-consuming, and may sometimes involve a combined approach with jaw surgery. For example, if the upper jaw is too narrow, or if the difference in length between the upper and lower jaws is excessive, the correction will be made with jaw surgery.