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The Quebec Association of Orthodontists (QAO) has certified Quebec orthodontists for more than 61 years. Twelve orthodontists from Montreal, one woman and eleven men, founded the Montreal Orthodontist Society in the summer of 1950.

The founders’ goals were to advance orthodontics by encouraging and sponsoring education and research to achieve the highest standards of excellence in the practice of the profession. Overall contributions to the healthcare profession and the promotion of camaraderie in the orthodontics community were also among the principle goals.

In 1958 twelve recent graduates joined the founding members. It was then that orthodontists practicing outside of Montreal who had joined the Society proposed a new name. In November 1961 the members voted to ratify the new name and The Quebec Association of Orthodontists (QAO) was born.

The Association grew to 54 members by 1970, and today includes 164 members including 12 student members and 12 retired members.

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